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For the population that have already entered the circle of addiction, measured need to be put in place to curb the problem from escalating. Early prevention ensures that the people who are still in the early stages can stop and those that have developed the disease are convinced of the need to come forth and get help for their problem.


It is said and it is indeed true that prevention is better than cure. the best way to intervene in any problem is to prevent it before it occurs. Serenity Africa has a team that that is mandated to spearhead preventive measures by visiting homes, schools churches, social events like birthday parties and initiation ceremonies to deter population from engaging in alcohol and substance abuse.


Addiction manifest itself with many underlying medical problems. Once someone has undergone the detoxification treatment many of these conditions start being noticed. A client would not be able to get psychological treatment if they have medical conditions. We have a team of well trained personnel ranging from the field of psychiatry, medical and clinicians who are able to deal with any condition when it arises.


in the process of reintegrating the client back to the society, for instance, family reunion, handing over clients to their church of choice etc. we usually organize a continuous followup program, to check on the progress of the client.the followup program is done throgh physical visitation and/or phone calls


we carry out community oriented outreaches for the purpose of creating awareness, prevention, intervention and treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. our key objective is to have persons who are aware and are able to prevent any situation that can lead to alcohol and drug abuse as we understand prevention is better than cure