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We at Serenity Africa are fully focused on helping you
on the road to recovery.

We understand what families go through when addiction problems come home; everyone suffers both the affected and the afflicted. but we have also learn that persons with persons with addiction problems are not failures- they are sick and we want to help them get better.


It is said and it is indeed true that prevention is better than cure. the best way to intervene in any problem is to prevent it before it occurs. Serenity Africa has a team that that is mandated to spearhead preventive measures by visiting homes, schools churches, social events like birthday parties and initiation ceremonies to deter population from engaging in alcohol and substance abuse.


For the population that have already entered the circle of addiction, measured need to be put in place to curb the problem from escalating. Early prevention ensures that the people who are still in the early stages can stop and those that have developed the disease are convinced of the need to come forth and get help for their problem.


Addiction manifest itself with many underlying medical problems. Once someone has undergone the detoxification treatment many of these conditions start being noticed. A client would not be able to get psychological treatment if they have medical conditions. We have a team of well trained personnel ranging from the field of psychiatry, medical and clinicians who are able to deal with any condition when it arises.

Meet Our Team

Martin Etisi

      Operation Manager/Counselor

I’m a last born in a family of ten, i became truant and dropped out of law school in second year. I became a village vagabond before being rescued by a good Samaritan who took me to rehab. I am a certified addiction counselor with eight years experience assisting addicts in a rehabilitation set up. 

I’m in my eighth year as a recovering addict.

Emily Lelei


I’m in my eighth year as a recovering addict. I’m a former government employee who fell victim to disease of addiction and was successfully treated. I’m  a NACADA certified addiction counselor with eight years experience in helping addicts in rehabilitation setting.

Kevin Odhiambo

Team Leader​/counselor

I’m a  holder of Bsc. Counseling psychology. I have been helping addicts for a period of 2 years and also grew up in an environment infiltrated with other psychoactive substances.

How We Can Help…

We have wide range of services

Serenity Africa, through experienced professionals work in providing hope and healing through a range processes like;

  • Screening
  • Comprehensive assessment
  • intervention
  • individual counselling
  • Group Therapy
  • Psycho Education
  • Family Counselling
  • Relapse Prevention

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Things you never knew about addiction

Sustainability of positive recovery outcomes

Empowered parents

Empowered parents are the greatest resource for early intervention. but when children start abusing substances,guilt and parenthood just seem to go together. most parents when the problem comes home, lose control, scream at the kids and even get traumatized. its not about blame or fault; its about taking responsibility

What next next after being admitted to serenity

supervised detoxification which might be natural or medically aided depending on withdrawal severity after which we begin the process of helping the client acquire tools they need for holistic growth which will help them stay stay clean, recovering in joy