About Us

Serenity Africa is a foundation registered in Kenya.

Our focus is on improving family lives by giving them resources needed for the:

  • prevention of alcohol and drug abuse
  • treatment of addiction and other diseases caused by the abuse of alcohol and drugs

Welcome to Serenity Africa

Founded 2015, our treatment team comprises of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. We all have a common goal – helping you!




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Testimonies from our former clients

Here are testimonies from our clients who are leading sober lives after Serenity

Boniface Too

I am a 30 year old IT professional recovering from alcohol addiction whose prospects of a productive life had gone down the drain due to my alcohol addictions. I lost the trust of my Wife, Parents, employers colleagues and couldn’t fend for my then 3 yr old daughter. All hope was lost until i found Serenity Africa. with their help my mindset changed Ive been one year sober and going strong by the grace of God. i reunited with my wife and kid and gradually gaining back the trust of my parents and peers. Thank you Serenity

Joseph Motanya
Tony Omenda

I am a medical doctor by profession. Who was brought in for by my mother, after my life had become completely dysfunctional. I am a true testimony that addiction takes and destroys the best in society. In high school, I was privileged to be the fourth best student nationally in KCSE. I joined medical school and slowly the problem of addiction crept in. I managed to complete my studies and was quickly absorbed by the government. That is when the ugly face of dependence reared its head and rendered me hopeless. I was on the verge of losing my job when a friend introduced the idea of rehab to me and that is why I ended up in Serenity Africa. I thought I had come to fight addiction but when I started the program, I realized that it was more about putting my life back on track by overcoming the biggest enemy in my life-MYSELF. When I left Serenity Africa, the rest has become history. My health, trust, relationships, self respect among others are all back. Really, rehabilitation can work for anyone. You just need a positive attitude.